How to travel with children

While travelling is meant to be for everyone, mothers of toddlers often find the idea of roaming around the country with children difficult. Hence, parents end up travelling without the kids. Though leaving children behind in the care of trusted individuals is a great idea, its not the most ideal situation. Many a times, stressed … Continue reading How to travel with children

How travelling changes you

In today's time, people of all ages are encouraged to take some time out of their busy schedules and travel. This is because a vacation or trip to a new place can change you for the better. Here's how... It is life changing Travelling changes the way you perceive things since it opens you up … Continue reading How travelling changes you

Why spring is the best time to travel

Had you been planning to head out for a vacation during summer? We advise you to re-think your decision and travel in spring instead. Here’s why... The perfect weather! Spring is almost everyone’s favourite season since it brings in the perfect weather! It’s neither too hot, nor is it too cold. Hence, you can travel … Continue reading Why spring is the best time to travel

How to plan a vacation on a budget

Fatima Shaheen Niazi Everyone needs a vacation now and then to relax and recharge. Not only does going on a vacation introduce you to new locations and cultures, but it also changes you into a much more confident and stress-free individual. However, the major cause of people not travelling often enough is the lack of … Continue reading How to plan a vacation on a budget

The gardens of Lahore

Let’s face it, metropolitan cities often lack nature and scenic spots and are recognised instead for interesting architectural spaces and shopping malls. To maintain the natural beauty of a city, it is extremely important to have several gardens and green enclosed spaces that help people stay connected to nature. Don’t know where you can find … Continue reading The gardens of Lahore

Why you must visit Malam Jabba

By Momina Aftab Nestled in the foothills of the mighty Hindu Kush range, Malam Jabba is a breath-taking Hill Station, located 42 kms way from Saidu Sharif and about 300 kms away from Islamabad, in Swat Valley. One of the most popular vacation destinations in the recent years, Malam Jabba has been hosting tourists from … Continue reading Why you must visit Malam Jabba

K2: The mountain you can’t miss

When people talk about travelling to the mountain areas, they often mention places like Switzerland and New Zealand. But why travel to these overpriced and overpopulated tourist sites when you can visit Pakistan’s Karakoram mountain range? Often called the “roof of the world,” the Karakoram includes one of the most famous mountains in the world … Continue reading K2: The mountain you can’t miss

How travelling leads to productivity

Businesses and companies in numerous countries believe in the flawed logic of employees working constantly in order to make a firm prosperous. However, there are nations like France who allocate around 40 vacation days to employees. The reason? Going on a vacation and travelling makes the employ more productive and reduces the risk of workers … Continue reading How travelling leads to productivity

Why you will love Hunza

Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan has become one of the most beloved spots for international and local tourists alike. But why do people fall in love with Hunza when there are other regions that have scenic sites too? In truth, the adoration for Hunza goes beyond Attabad lake, Passu cones, or fairy meadows. Hunza being a desired … Continue reading Why you will love Hunza

Classic rock songs for the perfect road trip

Who doesn’t like a road trip? It gives us time to connect with our fellow companions, and it gives us a chance to view sites we otherwise miss out on during a plane journey. Even if you are the sort who doesn’t like road trips, unfortunately, there are beautiful places in Pakistan where the flights … Continue reading Classic rock songs for the perfect road trip