Travel movies to watch while stuck at home

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi Feeling bored quarantined at home? We have just the right movies for you to binge watch . Not only will these travel movies introduce you to different locations around the world, but will also teach you a lesson or two about life. Here’s our list:  The Motorcycle Diaries The movie is … Continue reading Travel movies to watch while stuck at home

Why spring is the best time to travel

Had you been planning to head out for a vacation during summer? We advise you to re-think your decision and travel in spring instead. Here’s why... The perfect weather! Spring is almost everyone’s favourite season since it brings in the perfect weather! It’s neither too hot, nor is it too cold. Hence, you can travel … Continue reading Why spring is the best time to travel

Benefits of camping

Camping is a recreational outdoor activity where the people involved set up camp in places outdoors with the aim of experiencing life before technology began to rule the world. Though many people go on camping trips for a day or two while on vacation, even a short encounter with nature is enough to leave you … Continue reading Benefits of camping

Best camping spots in Pakistan

The recreational activity of camping is among one of the most favourite adventures of city dwellers. Luckily, Pakistan is oozing with great sites that won't just bring you close to nature, but will be one of the finest camping trips you have ever been a part of. Here are a list of places you should … Continue reading Best camping spots in Pakistan

Why you must see Gorakh

When you think of travelling around Sindh, do you imagine a flat desert like land? Well, that was the consensus a few years back till travellers found out about the Gorakh Hill Station. Located at a high altitude 5,688, Gorakh is situated in the Kirthar Mountains near Dadu city. The hill station itself spreads over … Continue reading Why you must see Gorakh

A look into Kumrat Valley

The northern region of Pakistan is swamped with beautiful sites that have managed to astound local and foreign travellers alike. Sure, Hunza might be the go-to vacation spot today, but the exquisiteness of our country is not limited to Gilgit Baltistan – each province has mountains, hills or valleys that can put the Swiss alps … Continue reading A look into Kumrat Valley

How travelling can help cure the winter blues

Has the winter season left you down in the dumps? Well, you are not alone. Many people around the world tend to feel low when it gets cold. And yes, science can explain why this happens. Winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that often strikes when the cold temperature … Continue reading How travelling can help cure the winter blues

The mysterious cuckoo bird of Arang Kel

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi Kashmir is known as the land of looming mountains and lush green scenery. But to me, it will always be a place where I heard the voice of a cuckoo bird while no one else could. Here is how it all started. A friend and I decided to head out to … Continue reading The mysterious cuckoo bird of Arang Kel

Unique Kalash Tribe

The Kalash Tribe is Pakistan’s smallest minority group with only 3000 people remaining to carry out the Kalasha language, religion, culture and traditions, the tribe seems to be on the brink of extinction. This tribe resides in the Chitral district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Over 2000 years ago, Alexander the Great conquered these lands leaving some people … Continue reading Unique Kalash Tribe