Qawwali: Pakistan’s treasure

Pakistan is a country that boasts of an exquisite mix of cultures that are now admired and studied world over. Among these cultures is Sufism, a way of life that gave rise to qawwali - a form of music that is respected all over the world.  Unfortunately, today’s youth does  not recognise Pakistan’s treasure. Instead, they … Continue reading Qawwali: Pakistan’s treasure

The 5 Sufi shrines you must visit

Shrines in Pakistan are not just memorials built for saints – they are holy places that are visited by thousands of people every year. This is because these mausoleums are considered places of healing as well as sacred spaces that can spiritually enlighten disciples. However, apart from being religiously relevant, shrines are also bursting with … Continue reading The 5 Sufi shrines you must visit

Exploring Bhit Shah: The Home of ‘The Poet of Sindh’

Join us on an exciting journey to explore the mystical town of Bhit Shah in the Matiari district of Sindh! Earning its name from the legendary Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai who blessed the town in the early 18th century, Bhit Shah houses the beautiful shrine of the saint and a museum dedicated to … Continue reading Exploring Bhit Shah: The Home of ‘The Poet of Sindh’