Best camping spots in Pakistan

The recreational activity of camping is among one of the most favourite adventures of city dwellers. Luckily, Pakistan is oozing with great sites that won't just bring you close to nature, but will be one of the finest camping trips you have ever been a part of. Here are a list of places you should … Continue reading Best camping spots in Pakistan

Why you must see Gorakh

When you think of travelling around Sindh, do you imagine a flat desert like land? Well, that was the consensus a few years back till travellers found out about the Gorakh Hill Station. Located at a high altitude 5,688, Gorakh is situated in the Kirthar Mountains near Dadu city. The hill station itself spreads over … Continue reading Why you must see Gorakh

Gorakh- The Golden Valley

Seeking the thrill of a jeep ride up the mountains? Want to watch a breath-taking sunset out among the hills and enjoy an immersive stargazing experience in the “Murree of Sindh”? Then book a trip to Gorakh Hill Station— the highest point in Sindh—and take a break from the heat! From the meeting point in … Continue reading Gorakh- The Golden Valley