Unique Kalash Tribe

The Kalash Tribe is Pakistan’s smallest minority group with only 3000 people remaining to carry out the Kalasha language, religion, culture and traditions, the tribe seems to be on the brink of extinction. This tribe resides in the Chitral district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Over 2000 years ago, Alexander the Great conquered these lands leaving some people … Continue reading Unique Kalash Tribe

Skardu : The Complete Travel Guide!

Skardu is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, north of Pakistan. It is bordered by the districts Gilgit, Khaplu and Astore. Skardu city serves as a gateway to the world’s highest mountains including K2, K3, Gasherbrum and Nanga Parbat, which lure climbers and adventurers from the world over. Skardu can be reached via flights to its high-altitude (above … Continue reading Skardu : The Complete Travel Guide!

Sapat Beach: Glowing Waves and Caves by the Sea

On a clear, windy night when the moon is invisible in the sky along the sandy coastline in Sapat, the waves begin to glow with a bright, blue hue. A phenomenon known as bioluminescence, few are aware that this spectacle exists in Pakistan, ranking the beach in Balochistan among some of the best in the … Continue reading Sapat Beach: Glowing Waves and Caves by the Sea

Exploring Bhit Shah: The Home of ‘The Poet of Sindh’

Join us on an exciting journey to explore the mystical town of Bhit Shah in the Matiari district of Sindh! Earning its name from the legendary Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai who blessed the town in the early 18th century, Bhit Shah houses the beautiful shrine of the saint and a museum dedicated to … Continue reading Exploring Bhit Shah: The Home of ‘The Poet of Sindh’

Complete Corporate Travel Solutions

Corporate trips are a great way for teams to strengthen bonds, create memories and unlock their potential. Whether it is boosting team morale or hosting clients, a corporate adventure is always a good investment. FindMyAdventure manages corporate travel to locations all over Pakistan. From overnight camping at the beaches of Bhit Khori for a group … Continue reading Complete Corporate Travel Solutions

Gorakh- The Golden Valley

Seeking the thrill of a jeep ride up the mountains? Want to watch a breath-taking sunset out among the hills and enjoy an immersive stargazing experience in the “Murree of Sindh”? Then book a trip to Gorakh Hill Station— the highest point in Sindh—and take a break from the heat! From the meeting point in … Continue reading Gorakh- The Golden Valley

6 Days Of Bliss In Hunza Valley

Hunza, the valley of dreams where cherry blossom trees put on a spectacular show in summer, and the snowy mountains and icy Attabad Lake create a scene straight out of a snow globe in winter, is found in Gilgit–Baltistan. Attabad Lake with its stunning aquamarine waters lies peacefully in Hunza Valley          … Continue reading 6 Days Of Bliss In Hunza Valley

Azad Kashmir: Spend Your Honeymoon In Paradise!

Looking for the perfect honeymoon package this winter, complete with gorgeous scenery, stunning valleys, and magical waterfalls? Book a relaxing romantic getaway to the beautiful Azad Kashmir and leave the rest to us! With us your trip is completely stress-free and unforgettable. You will be picked up in the morning, around 6 am, from Islamabad … Continue reading Azad Kashmir: Spend Your Honeymoon In Paradise!

Makli— The City of the Dead

Deep in the heart of Sindh lies one of the largest necropolises in the world. The massive Makli graveyard, spanning over 10 km and housing an astonishing half a million tombs and graves, is the final resting place of ancient royalty, Sufi saints and scholars from the Samma (1335-1520), Arghun  (1520-1555) and Tarkhan (1555-1665) dynasties. Walking amongst the graves … Continue reading Makli— The City of the Dead

Crabbing, Karachi and the Arabian Sea!

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, authentic Karachi seafood at affordable rates, with a stopover at a tiny island offering a glimpse into the world of interfaith harmony and the local fishing community, crabbing is the trip for you! Set sail from the Kemari port in traditional, decorated fishing boats and savour the … Continue reading Crabbing, Karachi and the Arabian Sea!