Best travel spots in Chitral

By Momina Aftab One of the most popular tourist destinations of Pakistan, Chitral’s beauty is matchless. Nestled in the mighty arms of the Hindu Kush range, Chitral has a lot to offer in terms of culture, seasonal views and travel destinations. Scroll down to save the best travel spots in Chitral for whenever you happen … Continue reading Best travel spots in Chitral

All that happens on a ‘Girls Trip’ to Gorakh

Gorakh hills is one of the favourite weekend getaways for people residing in Sindh, Balochistan and nearby places. This is because the hill station has a lower temperature than the rest of the south and provides visitors with a remarkable view. It’s this serenity and proximity to nature that makes Gorakh one of the most … Continue reading All that happens on a ‘Girls Trip’ to Gorakh

How to travel with children

While travelling is meant to be for everyone, mothers of toddlers often find the idea of roaming around the country with children difficult. Hence, parents end up travelling without the kids. Though leaving children behind in the care of trusted individuals is a great idea, its not the most ideal situation. Many a times, stressed … Continue reading How to travel with children

Why visit Thar

By Momina Aftab South of Pakistan has recently been in the spotlight for being a great travel destination owing to its cultural diversity, indigenous heritage and a bloody history. Covering an area of about 200,000 square kilometers, Thar desert is the 17th largest desert of the world, 9th largest subtropical desert of the world and … Continue reading Why visit Thar

Why spring is the best time to travel

Had you been planning to head out for a vacation during summer? We advise you to re-think your decision and travel in spring instead. Here’s why... The perfect weather! Spring is almost everyone’s favourite season since it brings in the perfect weather! It’s neither too hot, nor is it too cold. Hence, you can travel … Continue reading Why spring is the best time to travel

Best photo spots in Islamabad

Bored of taking the same old sort of photos? Here are some spots in Islamabad that will surely make a difference to your social media accounts as well as your photography portfolios. Faisal Mosque: This mosque is not only the largest in Pakistan, but also one that was constructed after a 120-million-dollar grant from a … Continue reading Best photo spots in Islamabad

The best lakes in Hunza

By Momina Aftab Apart from the astounding mountain ranges and meadows Hunza has to offer, the city is also famous for its mesmerising lakes. Here are a few lakes in Hunza that you must visit the next time you head there... Attabad Lake Born from a catastrophe, Attabad Lake is known for its crystal blue … Continue reading The best lakes in Hunza

How to plan a vacation on a budget

Fatima Shaheen Niazi Everyone needs a vacation now and then to relax and recharge. Not only does going on a vacation introduce you to new locations and cultures, but it also changes you into a much more confident and stress-free individual. However, the major cause of people not travelling often enough is the lack of … Continue reading How to plan a vacation on a budget

Travel mistakes to avoid

While travelling, there are numerous blunders we all make. These slip-ups not only effect the quality of our vacation, but also govern the expenses of the trip. Here are some mistakes you must avoid the next time you decide to travel: Get travel insurance You might not think you need it, but who knows what … Continue reading Travel mistakes to avoid

The places I want to see in Pakistan

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi Whoever has travelled around Pakistan, knows how amazing the lakes, valleys, mountains and historic monuments scattered across the country are. Of course, like most of the residents, the cities I started exploring initially were Islamabad, Murree, Bhurban, Lahore, and Karachi. This is because my parents didn’t like to travel long hours … Continue reading The places I want to see in Pakistan