The cultural Sindhi dishes you can make at home

Globalisation has introduced us to thousands of cultures around the world, exposing us to the lifestyles of numerous nations. No wonder Pakistan is flooded with restaurants that offer Chinese, Lebanese, and Japanese cuisine. However, the more we are getting exposed to foreign dishes, the more we are sidelining our desi cuisine.  Fret not, we have … Continue reading The cultural Sindhi dishes you can make at home

Food items you need to try in Islamabad

By Momina Aftab The federal capital of Pakistan may not be as famous for its food as it is for its mesmerizing beauty and clean air but Islamabad does have some kickass restaurants serving mouthwatering dishes to satiate the foodie in you. Here’s what you MUST try next time you are in the city: Chelo … Continue reading Food items you need to try in Islamabad

Health benefits of crabbing

The southern region of Pakistan has numerous activities to offer apart from the same old dining out and coffee hangouts. One of these interesting recreational exploits includes crabbing.  If you book a crabbing trip, all you have to do is reach Kemari in Karachi, hop on a cruise boat, and relax while the team of … Continue reading Health benefits of crabbing

Best places to eat in Hunza

By Momina Aftab There’s so much more to Hunza apart from its heavily documented scenery and culture, for example Hunza’s local cuisine. There isn’t much information available as to where and what to eat while on a tour in Hunza valley. Hence, we give you a rundown of the best places to eat in the … Continue reading Best places to eat in Hunza

Best breakfast places in Lahore

Though Lahore is bustling with places that offer amazing desi breakfasts, there are a few places that serve good waffles, crepes, and other English breakfast dishes. Here are some of the breakfast places in Lahore that you must try: Jade Café Located at Mahmood Ali Kasuri Road, Jade Café offers an all-day breakfast menu that … Continue reading Best breakfast places in Lahore

Different types of tea in Pakistan

By Momina Aftab Of the many traditions and cultural practices we experience in Pakistan, and perhaps the most common is every Pakistani’s love of chai. This is a nation that starts the day with chai; served in china cups in the dining rooms of the elite; on the street corner served by the young boy … Continue reading Different types of tea in Pakistan