Celebrations at the Sibi Mela

The first Sibi Mela was held in January 1885, before the Partition of India and Pakistan. Initially, the festival was more of a horse show attended by all the big shots of the British Raj. However, after the Partition, the tradition of the festival evolved into a cultural festival where the heritage of Balochistan was … Continue reading Celebrations at the Sibi Mela

The beautiful Botar Lake in Sindh

By Emmanuel Guddu Sindh is a province is flooded with culture, history, traditions and a rich heritage. It is beautiful in every way one can imagine and has various fascinating sites that should be attracting visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, there are not many individuals who focus on promoting the beauty or culture … Continue reading The beautiful Botar Lake in Sindh

Why Lahooti Melo is important for Sindh

In 2016, the first Lahooti Melo festival was launched in Hyderabad. In attendance were 73 musicians, writers, activists, filmmakers and artists. The goal: To bring forward the culture of Sindh which is bursting with creativity, mysticism and divine art.  As expected, the festival was a hit and throngs of people from different parts of Sindh gathered … Continue reading Why Lahooti Melo is important for Sindh

Why Kashmir Day is important

Since after the Partition in 1947, India and Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir. In 1972, a ‘line of control-LOC’ was created to divide Kashmir into two regions – Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir. However, the LOC was in no way a declaration of peace. Neither did it promise the safety and … Continue reading Why Kashmir Day is important

How to celebrate basant without kite flying

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi  It’s the time of the year when the chilly winter winds slowly begin to disappear, signifying the arrival of hotter days. And its the very arrival of spring season that brings with it the much awaited basant festival. The roots of basant lie in Hindu mythology and the festival was originally … Continue reading How to celebrate basant without kite flying

Archaeological Wonders of Swat

Known more for being the Switzerland of the East and less for its rich heritage, the Valley of Swat is the embodiment of ancient cultures and civilisations that have passed through its splendidly transparent lakes, magnificent snowy mountains, lush meadows, posh fruit orchards and mighty waterfalls. It is truly an archaeologist’s paradise known to have … Continue reading Archaeological Wonders of Swat

Famous Bazaars in Karachi

By Momina Aftab Once the bustling capital of the country, Karachi is still the largest and busiest city of Pakistan. Among other things this beta-global city is both famously and notoriously known for, Karachi has the biggest variety of bazaars, catering to its population of 14 million. I mean there’s a reason that people from … Continue reading Famous Bazaars in Karachi

History of Altit Fort

By Momina Aftab Surrounded by the most heavenly beauty the region has to offer, Altit Fort has been standing tall and mighty in front of the magnanimous Karakoram since the 11th century. What truly makes Altit Fort a product of an architectural virtuoso is not only the fact that it sits atop a cliff; about … Continue reading History of Altit Fort

Ajrak: The cost of keeping the art alive

By Dr Taneer Ahmed Upon hearing the words “Bhit Shah craft centre”, my mind’s eye had conjured an image of a bustling bazaar, rife with activity, aplomb with colour. Where tourists and locals alike were strolling along, engaged in equal parts admiration and bargaining, eager to take home their resplendent finds. Perhaps I had been … Continue reading Ajrak: The cost of keeping the art alive