Weekend getaway: From Karachi to Murree

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi It was the summer of 2018 and the weather of Karachi was hotter than usual – and it was amidst these sweaty nights of June that I made a sudden weekend getaway plan to Murree. Here’s how it started. It was Wednesday night and I was planning my birthday celebration for … Continue reading Weekend getaway: From Karachi to Murree

Why cycling is good for you

Let’s face it, living in Pakistan means you don’t get to walk around much. The cities and towns are mostly transport-friendly and many people don’t get the chance to indulge into the habit of walking to places. The result: our daily routines barely include any physical activity.  Here’s a fun way to get more physical … Continue reading Why cycling is good for you

Of whirling Sufis and dhamaal

While the northern region of Pakistan is famous for its mountains and meadows, the province of Sindh is known for its beautifully constructed Sufi Shrines. People from all over the world travel to these shrines to either pay respect to the saints or to experience the intriguing culture. Either way, visiting the shrines of Sindh … Continue reading Of whirling Sufis and dhamaal

Why you must see Gorakh

When you think of travelling around Sindh, do you imagine a flat desert like land? Well, that was the consensus a few years back till travellers found out about the Gorakh Hill Station. Located at a high altitude 5,688, Gorakh is situated in the Kirthar Mountains near Dadu city. The hill station itself spreads over … Continue reading Why you must see Gorakh

Places to see in Lahore

Lahore is one of the most famous cities in Punjab not only because it is bursting with culture, but also because it has numerous sightseeing options. The best part is, each famous spot in Lahore has a story to tell. Here are a few sites that have a rich history. The Minar-e-Pakistan This monument is … Continue reading Places to see in Lahore

A look into Kumrat Valley

The northern region of Pakistan is swamped with beautiful sites that have managed to astound local and foreign travellers alike. Sure, Hunza might be the go-to vacation spot today, but the exquisiteness of our country is not limited to Gilgit Baltistan – each province has mountains, hills or valleys that can put the Swiss alps … Continue reading A look into Kumrat Valley

Beaches of Balochistan

Balochistan is a land that is yet to be explored by travellers around the world. This is because the province is not an urban region and lacks facilities such an electricity in several of its districts. However, we feel Blochistan has managed to preserve its beauty because it has not been urbanised yet. There’s no … Continue reading Beaches of Balochistan

Places to trek in Pakistan

A lot of times when people think of going on an adventure, they think of international travel. Though the entire world is flooded with beautiful sites that one must experience, we have only one question to ask. Have you ever considered finding your adventure in Pakistan? If not, we suggest you reconsider your decision – … Continue reading Places to trek in Pakistan

Trekking the Hopar glacier

The northern areas of Gilgit Baltistan are home to looming mountains, and some of the largest glaciers in the world. This includes the famous Hopar glacier situated in the scenic Nagar valley, Hunza. Whenever someone is headed towards Hunza, they are asked to visit the glacier once since it’s a spot known even among foreign … Continue reading Trekking the Hopar glacier