The Best of Pakistan’s Culture and Exotic Food

Pakistan has long been troubled with political instability, meaning only the most experienced and fearless travellers have visited in the past. However, this culturally, historically, and naturally rich country is Asia’s hidden gem, filled with vibrant cities, lush and beautiful landscapes, and wonderful cuisine.   In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of … Continue reading The Best of Pakistan’s Culture and Exotic Food

Travel bloggers to follow if you miss travelling

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi  Never had we ever realised how important travelling was till today - the time when people are quarantined at home. Unfortunately, till the threat of the COVID-19 passed, travelling is nothing more than a dream.' Fret not, just because you can’t travel doesn’t mean you can’t look at the amazing places … Continue reading Travel bloggers to follow if you miss travelling

How to stay healthy while travelling

The purpose of travelling or going on a vacation is to relax, explore and detox the mind. However, all your plans will go to waste if you get ill during your trip. Yes, this is the unfortunate truth of travelling – people who head to destinations of different temperatures often end up with a flu … Continue reading How to stay healthy while travelling

All that happens on a ‘Girls Trip’ to Gorakh

Gorakh hills is one of the favourite weekend getaways for people residing in Sindh, Balochistan and nearby places. This is because the hill station has a lower temperature than the rest of the south and provides visitors with a remarkable view. It’s this serenity and proximity to nature that makes Gorakh one of the most … Continue reading All that happens on a ‘Girls Trip’ to Gorakh

Pakistani Female travelers who dared to travel alone!

For a country that is often associated with a lack of female empowerment, mobility and a strong confinement of women to specific spaces, there are a number of local female travelers that have managed to break the stereotypes and social taboos. Here are some of our local ladies that have dared to travel solo through … Continue reading Pakistani Female travelers who dared to travel alone!

Why visit Thar

By Momina Aftab South of Pakistan has recently been in the spotlight for being a great travel destination owing to its cultural diversity, indigenous heritage and a bloody history. Covering an area of about 200,000 square kilometers, Thar desert is the 17th largest desert of the world, 9th largest subtropical desert of the world and … Continue reading Why visit Thar

How travelling changes you

In today's time, people of all ages are encouraged to take some time out of their busy schedules and travel. This is because a vacation or trip to a new place can change you for the better. Here's how... It is life changing Travelling changes the way you perceive things since it opens you up … Continue reading How travelling changes you

How cliff diving changed my life

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi Remember movies such as The Beach and The Notebook that depict youngsters having the time of their lives as they jump off a cliff and dive into the sea? Well, its not as easy as it looks. In fact, during the activity, you are terrified. For those who don’t know, cliff … Continue reading How cliff diving changed my life

Best photo spots in Lahore

The Walled city of Lahore might not have mountains, beaches and hills, but it has numerous architectural marvels that make it one of the most famous cities in Pakistan. These sites are adored by tourists as well as photographers who are left in awe at the beauty each place has to offer. And of course, … Continue reading Best photo spots in Lahore

Travel mistakes to avoid

While travelling, there are numerous blunders we all make. These slip-ups not only effect the quality of our vacation, but also govern the expenses of the trip. Here are some mistakes you must avoid the next time you decide to travel: Get travel insurance You might not think you need it, but who knows what … Continue reading Travel mistakes to avoid