On a clear, windy night when the moon is invisible in the sky along the sandy coastline in Sapat, the waves begin to glow with a bright, blue hue.

A phenomenon known as bioluminescence, few are aware that this spectacle exists in Pakistan, ranking the beach in Balochistan among some of the best in the world such as those of Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

The electric blue waves light up the waters of Sapat beach. Credits: Sohaib Roomi

To witness this marvel, you need to travel 5 hours west of Karachi along the Makran coastal highway to Balochistan. This trip is the perfect getaway for families, groups of friends, couples and co-workers. Setting out in the evening is ideal so you arrive in time to catch the sea by moonlight. Buses depart around 6 pm, stopping at Winder—a city in Balochistan— for a highway dinner and a bathroom break.

The unique rock formations at Sapat beach by sunset. Credits: Sohaib Roomi

Up until the Mud Volcanoes, located 1 km away from the Makran coastal highway in the Jhal Jhao tehsil, the journey is pretty smooth and straightforward. But from there on, it’s an exciting off-road ride in 4×4 jeeps to the beach.  After traversing the rough, rocky terrain, you’ll reach the sandy landscape which is dotted with caves all along, with the prominent sea stack known as Buji Koh, standing alone in the sand.

The sea stack, Buji Koh, rises up magnificently from the shore. Credits: Sohaib Roomi

Bring torches to explore the mysterious caves along the shore and remember to watch out for the crabs that have made burrows all over the place.

A cave at Sapat: the perfect hiding spot. Credits: Sohaib Roomi

Sit by the water and enjoy the little phytoplankton put on their show to light up the waves. It would seem as if the shore is alight with azure radiation as the stars twinkle mischievously above. The whole scene is magical; the phosphorescence does not disappear even if you disturb it with your toes.

Bioluminescence under the clear night sky. Credits: Sohaib Roomi

Since Sapat is still relatively unchartered territory, it comes with some minor drawbacks. There are no public bathrooms or dhabas nearby. A camp bathroom will be available and as for snacks, it’s best to carry your own if needed. Tents and comfortable sleeping bags provided by FindMyAdventure will be set up for you.

The best part about being in such a remote area is the absence of light and noise pollution that lets you spend the night stargazing peacefully. As morning approaches, it’s time to pack up and depart. There’s a stopover again at Winder for a desi breakfast of anda paratha, and then it’s back to Karachi by mid-afternoon.

The gorgeous Sapat beach lies undisturbed in Balochistan. Credits: Sohaib Roomi

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  • Bring paper towels, sanitisers, pillows
  • Carry torches and power banks


  • Litter