Trekking along the Wakhan Corridor

Just came back from a trek along the Wakhan Corridor. It was a fairly simple trek compared to LAS summer trek standards, however the management of the trek was tricky due multiple reasons. Below is a not-so-brief description of the trek:

Getting there:
Getting to the starting point (Kishmanja) was a long journey. We started on a bus from Islamabad to Chitral (14 hours ride) and then hired a jeep to Mastuj (4 hours ride) where we spent the night. Mastuj is a small village north of Chitral. From here it took us another 10 hours on the jeep to get to Kishmanja.

Getting out:
On reaching Borth, we were able to get a jeep the same day and head out to Gakuch (2.5 hours ride). On our way to Gakuch, we were thoroughly checked at a para-military check post at Imit. Those guys did a thorough check of all our bags, barrels, jeep, everything. The Nanga Parbat incident had put everyone on their toes. We also had to register at different police check posts, both on the trek and off the trek. From Gakuch, most of the group left for Pindi via NATCO and the remaining left for Karimabad (another 6 hours ride).

The porterage on this trek was very different from what we have seen in GB. The first half of the trek (up to the Karomber Lake) had a different mechanism and the second half had a different one. The whole route is accessible by donkeys and horses, so all the porterage was being done by these two animals. Also, a set of porters would be available from one village to another. On reaching the other village, we would have to hire a new set of porters. We had 4 different sets of porters throughout the trek. We also had the option of hiring horses for the group.

Wakhan Group

The Group:
The group had a good mix of age groups, with different batches being represented. We were a total of 9, with Mazdak from BSc 2007, me 2008, Affan 2010, Sabrina 2011, Razi and Rohail 2014 and Sikander 2016. Other than that we had two non-luminite friends with us.


Posted by Sabrina Quamber on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Written by Saad Hasan Latif


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